I made a small Java app to generate a custom heatmap

Hey there, my heatmap inside WhatPulse is kinda messed up since I play a lot of FPS that center the mouse, but now that you can export data I thought I’d write a little app that will generate me a customizable heatmap. You can customize the size of the squares and the intensity of the amplification.

Here’s some examples of what the App can do: http://imgur.com/a/SBOZK

How to use it: Export your heatmap data from WhatPulse as .csv, then put the .jar into the same directory as the .csv. Run the .jar, enter the filename (which should be right be default), screen resolution and your desired settings.

If you want to try it out yourself, download is here.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know! Also I’d love if you post some results :slight_smile:

Very cool. I play a lot of games as well which result in a similar heatmap for me with the mouse centered. Here’s what I got when I used your application.

It’s strange though. Although both heatmaps show a huge concentration of clicks in the dead center of the screen, presumably because of my use of directx mouse capture applications like games, it’s hard to see this in the data. My native screen resolution is 1600x900, but it isn’t like I see rows upon rows of clicks at 800, 450, like I would expect. I can find a few by trawling through the data, but not nearly as many as I would think. Thoughts?

First of all, thanks you!

Second, I have rows of clicks that are all around 960,540 but I have not a single click at 960,540 itself, which I find really weird.


You can even see it in the topmost heatmap in my first post.

I follow the steps but upon the clicking the final one (amplification), the application disappears and nothing else appears afterwards. [My .csv document is over 1.27 million lines long - if that would affect anything.]

Uhm, it would help if you’d upload your csv. On first glance I have no Idea what’s causing that.


Okay, I found 59 clicks that were past the 1919th pixel (the first pixel being the 0th pixel). I updated it and should work now simply ignoring all pixels outside the specified bounds.

It’s working now.


Nice job! I like the contrast it gives.

You won’t see any clicks in the actual dead center of the screen, as that’s being ignored in the WhatPulse client. All the initial tests (with a bunch of different games) said the mouse was locked in the dead center, but that’s not true for all computers, they seem to behave differently. That’s why 2.4 now has a quick&easy ‘disable’ button for just the heat map. :wink:

Keep up the good work!

Heh thanks!

Have you got any Idea what caused the clicks at x1920 for user micycle though? Usually it should only track clicks between x0 and x1919, no?

I have dual monitors.

Nice application. I’m a hobby developer and I can see the UI from Visual Studio in the heatmap. The only negative aspect about it: you can clearly see how WhatPulse is tracking mouse coordinates.
You see the main taskbar? Now search for the second taskbar above (Windows 8). Same can be applied to screen borders. (First monitor resolution: 2048x1152, second monitor resolution: 1280x1024)

Yes, but out of your over a million clicks there are 59 clicks outside of the monitor size, which I find weird. And as AliveDevil has pointed out, WP doesn’t make the range of coordinates any bigger and rather starts at x0 on the left side of your second monitor.

Thanks! Yeah you can clearly see the borders and the taskbar. But as you said thats nothing I could fix since that’s just the way WP tracks :x