I lost access to my WhatPulse account

Hello :slight_smile:
I lost access to my WhatPulse account Tythor Zeth (/users/173736).
I changed my internet provider about 6 weeks ago and therefore lost my e-mail connected to my WhatPulse account. Before I switched to another internet provider, I thought I had changed all subscriptions to my new e-mail address, but I apparently forgot WhatPulse. I can still pulse my keys but the problem is that I cannot log into the WhatPulse.org website, because I lost my password - when I request a new one, it sends the information to the e-mail that I no longer have. I tried changing my e-mail but it seems that I cannot do that via the “Account → Local Account Details” function of WhatPulse.exe. Changing my password via WhatPulse.exe is not possible either because I need to enter my old password, which I, like I mentioned earlier, do not have.

How can I regain access / how can I change the e-mail linked to my account?

Thanks in advance.


Has anyone gotten back to you on this issue? I’m sorry I haven’t responded to this very quickly… I’ve been sorta on vacation for a bit!

If this hasn’t been fixed yet, would you mind sending me a PM with your old email address, and the new address you’d like to have attached to your account? I’ll see what I can do from there.