I just updated and lost all of my clicks

I need help! I just updated to the most recent version and I have lost all of my data :@
How do I copy my stats from version 1 to version 2?

If you have lost only the local data and your online stats are fine, then there’s nothing to be mad at. WP2 uses a different way of storing data and info prior to this version get discarded. Same thing happened to me and I guess everyone else as well.

Is there any way of adding my old stats to the new program? I would kinda like to have all of my stats on one place

That one place is here: http://whatpulse.org/Ryan_Hogan - but unfortunately, you don’t seem to pulse very often (8 months in between), which is a shame…the whole point for pulsing is to -have- your stats all in one place and not on a computer where it can be corrupted or deleted.

By the way, they are not lost, as they still exist in your old client.