I just noticed I don't have an Intro ?? haha :o

I probably have an Intro thread buried somewhere like ten years ago but, whatever ;D

Well as you can see i’m PinkFloyd (You can call me Scott) and i’ve been with WhatPulse since Day 1 and before that!

I met wasted probably almost ten years ago now, geez where did the time go! haha and he was just a youngin on the network ( irc.WhatNET.Org ) and I used to give him crap about it because I -respected- him and how mature he was, wise beyond his years haha, we became friends and when PD died we decided to take the ball and run with it as far as it would take us, and here we are nearly 10yrs later and going faster and stronger than ever with the BEST YET TO COME!! Stay tuned folks

I had been moreorless AWOL/MIA for a long time for a shit ton of various reasons believe me, but i’m back in the game now 100% head first dive nods

I am the User Administrator / Staff Manager (excluding client/webdev ) / Head of Public Relations / I’ll come up with a nifty title at some point, but that is my role,

I think i’ve put a pretty good gang together so far! X-Kal, Sindacious, Century0, Carbon, and quite a few others who have contributed along the way!.. those guys do an amazing job not just here on the forums but they’re all deeply involved in further development projects as well! I give those guys shit all the time in good fun but they’re the backbone that’s for sure!! So if you see those guys post, make sure to give 'em good Reputation!! :slight_smile:

Always looking for more help in a lot of different areas!! Want to volunteer to help WhatPulse ?? Shoot me a message or hit me up on IRC i’m always around nods I’ll find something for you to do in some area, we can kick around ideas any time, Anyone want to volunteer to get us on the NUMEROUS social networking sites ?? I’d love to put someone in charge of that who is up to the task!! The Big 3 are ours though, Facebook / Twitter / Youtube, other than those someone could run like the last.fm group and recruit users, the MySpace page, etc…

I would LOVE to see more people Subscribe to the Youtube channel!!! And contribute videos if you could! Give Suggestions etc… would love feedback!! I’ve put a pretty cool guy named Sellyme in charge of the youtube channel. if you wanna contribute/give suggestions/give constructive criticism you can e-mail: youtube@whatpulse.org with your comments

Youtube = http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialWhatpulse <— SUBSCRIBE!!!

Again, i’m Scott and I am one of your friendly WhatPulse Administrators :smiley: Please feel free to contact me anytime at: pinkfloyd@whatpulse.org or right here on the forums, IRC/whatever, I love to go wandering to larger team threads and interact with the users on the boards there, that’s where I met people like Jaume and others from his crew to contribute, I love to chat & I love to ramble as you can clearly tell!

If you’re still with me THIS far you’ve seen the end thankfully eh!! :wink:

-Scott / Hit me up folks, i’m always up for some mad chat :smiley:

[quote=Kuro]So is that a free pass to be an utter unforgivable asshole…or…


ehhh why not! At least a few times :wink:

lmfao. Ahhh the days it’s good to be alive…

As PF trumps my post ROFL

…and then the edit function fails…

[quote=Kuro]As PF trumps my post ROFL

…and then the edit function fails…[/quote]

heheheeeehe!! ;o)

It’s your fault. Everything wrong in my life is your fault. ;-;

-MY- fault ?! ;ppp pfffffffft

Oh yes. It’s your fault.

PLEASE elaborate sir !@# (Just make sure you dont mention that ONE time I, well, nevermind, you know nods )

If I revealed this information the world would simply implode from the sheer omfg power of the reasoning behind it…or I’d get V&. One of the two.

ladies there is no need to argue over me

O.o When was this argument over her? D:

When wasn’t this argument over me?

when I was childishly accusing pink of being the center of all my woes

shakes head I love you guys :smiley: And yea mang, quite childishly ;p

hmm it’s just occured to me that my own Intro thread got hijacked as well :o DAMN YOU ALL, nothin like Rachels tho ;D

We -REALLY- need to start making these BULLSHITTIN conversations in the appropriate forums, hehe

Mmm, but I think we are to lazy to split the posts elsewhere. Sides, that rarely stops the act.

Sorry, I just haven’t seen this one in awhile, had to have a good laugh ;D

I still wonder if that was insinuating we were lesbians. O.o;

Because CLEARLY we are, nods