I don't want to upload

Hi! I play the game osu! and want for fun see how many times i press z/x. But, i don’t type much and due to security i don’t want everyone to know my password to the computer. So is there a way for whatpulse not to upload anything at all? And does it keep track of what i write when the computer is locked? I guess you won’t answer yes if the answer’s yes tho haha

Not to upload? Disable automatic pulsing and refrain from manually pulsing.

And I think you’re getting Whatpulse confused with a keylogger (don’t want everyone to know my password"). Whatpulse doesn’t track in which order you write, only the number of presses per key - security in this regard is not an issue.

WhatPulse doesn’t even upload presses per key, only the total number of key presses. Also, I just tried it on Windows 7 now, and it doesn’t count anything while the computer is locked, so entering my password is not counted.

Even if you have Premium and you upload a keyboard heatmap, it still doesn’t show how many times you pressed one particular key: