i can not puls

first: sorry for my english! i can it only minimal. :frowning:

my problem: when i pulse, than come following message:

“pulse timed out! try the following to fix it:
1.) make sure you are connected to the internet.
2.) try changing your ports in programm settings.”

internet connetion - yes.
change i the ports from 80 to 3490 in programm settings, than come the error message: “could not connect to server.”

i use: whatpulse v1.6.2.1
windows 7 home premium.

what can i do?
when i install the new version over the older, lose i my clicks?

i have over 2 million clicks and over 55km. can i rescue this?

please help me!!!

The same happens to me, I think 1.6’s isn’t supported anymore. But, you can install 1.7.1 on the top of, and it should work because 1.7 clients converts 1.6’s data for it’s format.

thank you very very much!

i have it install and my clicks are not deleted.:):sunglasses: