i am a team manager...

i am a team manager for the team linerider.org, but what can i do as manager?

I can’t remember everything that you can do. I believe that you can adjust the team profile page and maybe invite/remove team members. You can’t disband the team or make new managers, that’s for sure.

how do i do that though? is there some seperate page where i do that or what?

you know when you first log in ti takes you to your index you click on the teams button it will tell you that you are a manager and to click here to manage it click the here


“You are the founder of your team, click here to manage it.”

Follow through on the link and you should have access to everything you need.

What I know is that you can PM many users at the same time (thought so, because my teammanager did it someday to get the inactive active again (if they read it)).
Change the team stats page, kick people (not sure about it)…

The rest I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:

okay thanks (not much to do as manager though :frowning: , just a cool title)