How did you find out about WhatPulse?

Well, project dolphin, like many others I imagine.

However, I actually found Project dolphin through an Internet search, looking for a program that counted the number of keys you hit. Yup, I was actually looking for such a program without knowing one existed! :smiley:

Just found out, wondering if it existed

same here, it’s been so long I don’t recall. However I know it was not something that a friend referred me to because none of my friends knew about it!

Too long to remember.

I just recently found out about it from a vsauce video, I think it was a DONG: Do Online Now Guys

Same here :smiley:

The video was "You Don’t Type Alone. " by the way

Me too!
I believe I knew about WhatPulse before watching that video, but it was Vsauce that made me try it out.

Yep! That’s how I found WhatPulse as well. That video by vsauce as of this moment has 2.8 million views now.

Can’t remember :frowning:

I saw signature on one forum… :smiley:

I used project Dolphin first (same thing basically), then it ended :angel: and whatpulse started. :heart:


For me, I saw the Vsauce video that mentioned it a while ago.