Historical data

If this has been suggested and shot down, sorry! I looked but didn’t find anything of the sort.

Is there a way to extract the historical data of my profile? I know I could make an app to slurp the data and store it, but I was hoping perhaps this was already saved. I imagine backups are made on a regular basis as well.

It would be nice to see my progress. For example, when I took my honeymoon a few months ago, there was a drop in my usage. Whenever I install a new pc, there’s a few days before I install WP. If I had a graph of my historical data, I would be able to reminisce in a most geeky way (which of course seems right in line with the entire theme of WP!)

I also would be able to gauge myself against the rest of the WP community by comparing my rank over time. Am I slipping? Should I do more coding at work instead of browsing the web to gain a higher rank? (We all think it, we’re just afraid to say it!)

What sort of records are currently kept? Has someone undertaken a project like this in the past? What is WP’s policy on automated information gathering? (note: that I bet I could find if I searched for it, I just haven’t yet).

Thanks all!



Currently, the accessibility of data is limited due to an older setup of the website than we intend to have in the coming months. Only administrators have access to view all pulses that you have executed. Rather, for users, it is changed into a week by week comparison over the course of the previous year. Ranking is not kept in any way on the WhatPulse servers. It is simply a value that changes depending on your current amount of keys. As for information gathering, so long as it is not detrimental to the health of the server and is done in a procedurally correct way, we are typically fine with it. We just don’t want the server bogged down with 5000 requests of user statistics every hour of the day. Staggered requests are typically what we prefer.

This is the location of pulses by week. Change my ID to yours:

Records kept are displayed on the website itself. Administrators afford no extra statistics except for the ability to view all pulses. In short, let me know if you need any more help and I will be glad to help you when I can.