High CPU Usage - On wake-up


I would like to bring to attention if this was not already brought to your attention recently, I found this problem from 2012 and 2013.

When my laptop is put to sleep, next time I wake up the laptop, Whatpulse will start using 20-50% CPU. I tried leaving this to settle down, but after 3-4hrs it was still the same. A simple, open task manager and kill process will fix the issue as the watchdog will reopen whatpulse.

But this is annoying to say the least.

From performed tests, it does not matter if it’s on battery power or not, it will do this 99% of the times I put my laptop to sleep and wake it back up.

To minimize posts such as “I get this too”, please vote on the poll I have created so the devs will see that this is a problem for most users ( I assume it is, cause this happens on 3 machines)


I couldn’t replicate this issue. I tested it on 3 different computers and got the following results:

0.1-0.4% usage after resuming from sleep mode on my laptop (Intel i7-8750H)
0.1-0.3% usage after resuming my desktop (AMD Ryzen 7 1700)
0.4-5.2% usage after resuming my other desktop (Intel i3-7100)

Will post screenshots as soon as I have some free time to do so.

Sorry for the long delay, here is a screenshot of it happening

this has been going like this for over 20mins now, and just restarted whatpulse to “fix” it

A little update, I am noticing that when this issue occurs, I always find an update error window from whatpulse, even after closing this window, the high cpu remains.

Very professional, no answer in 2 months time, and yet I am facing this issue every single time I close my laptop and open it again. Whatpulse always starts taking up too much of my CPU.

Yes,this is a free service, but I think there is a limit of how much anyone could take. I’m removing this from all my machines and won’t recommend it for anyone.

Bug is still happening on daily basis on my laptop MSI 7REX.

Just noticed it happens more often when I have the Icybox connected to the laptop.

They don’t seem to be responding anywhere

yeah while the issue is still present, every time I open my laptop and the OS wakes up I have to kill whatpulse, it will auto restart, but it’s annoying. seriously considering fo uninstalling the app, even though I have years of data on it :frowning:

I have a similar issue. I think it is related with (virtual) network cards appearing/disappearing as I can reproduce it under linux by building docker containers. That usually makes whatpulse hang, start using a lot of CPU and tons of RAM until I kill it and then the system takes up to an hour to slowly get the RAM back and run normal. Seen it with resuming from standby too but pretty seldom - and I’m not doing that too often though, I usually switch them off, NVMe-SSD boots up fast enough and I had it a few times that the notebook switched itself on inside the bag and almost died from the heat…