hidden icon

It’d be nice to have the option to disable the icon from appearing in the menu, with it re-appearing when you hit a certain array of keys or something of the sort. Being in a lab environment, I’m not allowed to have a program on one computer that isn’t approved.

If you’re on XP, you can have it “always hidden” - but that just means that it collapses down, so you can still expand the tray and anyone can see it.

Not the solution you’re looking for, most likely, but maybe it helps?

the problem appears to be more of the instructor glancing over, and finding it, or one of the other users goes “Hey, whats this?”, so they google it, and the first thing that comes up is keylogger.

But it does improve the situation, thanks.


And I wouldn’t worry too much about people googling it and coming up with ‘spyware’


I did some searching to help verify its non-spyware status to Wikipedia

Google “Hideit”. Looks like it should work to me.


optional Hide Icon from trey

I’ll consider adding this in, maybe in the next maintenence release.

After much consideration, I have decided against such functionality due to the fact that it could be used maliciously or aid in cheating. Sure, it has a few legit purposes, like hiding it from your boss at work or teacher (not that that’s really legit), but I can’t justify it.

Yeh, and its not required. and also this will make it seem even less safe for people wondering about the security of this software.

Tracks your keystrokes and mouseclicks, oh and we don’t tell you its running either. :wink: Download now!