Hi all

Hi everyone, new to the forums but been with whatpulse for ages :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… so thats that, whatpulse ftw!

Hope you will type alot (well, keep typing alot) and post alot =)

Welcome to the forums!

(Have you played Red Alert?)

Have I played Red Alert… No, however I have cnc The First Decade so I probablly should (when i get the game back from my mate ¬¬) however I have played almost every other cnc game there is.

TS is my favourite :smiley:

Welcome aboard :smiley:

I miss RA,good 'ol wchat nods

Yup, though I couldn’t compete with online players. I had a very slow strategy that focused totally on defense. It didn’t work all that much, sadly, since it took forever to implement. Now, if I could ally with someone who was more offense-oriented, maybe that would work.

ahh the cnc series will have a special place in my heart forever :smiley: