Hello there!

Hi! New to Pulse… Where have I been all this time??? It’s well over time I crawled out of my rock.

Haha. Welcome to the forum, and WhatPulse. :3

Hello and welcome higher power and R1zbear! It’s nice to see some new people over here. I look forward to getting to know you both :slight_smile:

hey higher power, welcome aboard! ;o)

Lol PinkFloyd, only 7 months late! :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=Xtr3me]Lol PinkFloyd, only 7 months late! :stuck_out_tongue:


Better late than, never right ?! ;o)

Err, no. Not really.

True true, hehe oh well ;D

Hello! Welcome to the forum! Good to hear from you guy!

Dead Topic Revival FTW?

Indeed Kane, the more people we can revive the better eh ?! heh! :smiley:

Something like that :slight_smile:

Hi johanthan, it’s ok, I don’t bite. Often. I don’t take any flesh away when I do bite…often…

Uh huh, honest, he really doesn’t nods :o