Hello people, I have returned to spam you! :D

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But, not to fear, it’s only half spam, and the spam doesn’t come until the end.

I must say I am a little ashamed of myself for neglecting this place for as long as I have. I meant to come here weakly at the very least, ideally daily. But it has been, what, six months or so? Shame on Zabin!

So, let’s see, what meaningless babble can I bore you with after this long break? It’s got to be good, you have all had a good long break from me and need you spirits crushed in a spectacular manner as you realize I have returned. Ah, I got it, I can brag, gloat, and be self absorbed in the same statement; I have started college since I’ve been off.

Yup, college, that’s about it. Not as interesting as I had thought it would be. Just like every other American child I’m going to college to learn things I don’t need to know to get a job I don’t want so I can spend hours and hours doing something that doesn’t need to be done. Fun! :smiley:

So, now that I’m done gloating, bitching, ranting, ect. here comes the spam!

There is a sight I have been playing on a bit. Do you know those 90% crap flash games that circulate around the internet? Well, believe it for not sometimes you can find jewels in that full toilet that is the internet. This site has most of the mediocre to great online flash games out there, even a few exclusive to the site. The idea of it is you play these games and earn what are called badges. These badges are completed by getting X amount of kills, or finishing x level, and the such. Some are boring easy, some are impossibly hard.

When you get these badges, you gain EXP. The EXP levels you up (duh?) and you pretty much compete with everyone else on the site to both get into the high scores for each game, but to be a higher level. There are also weakly challenges (though, disappointingly easy so far) where you can earn cards for the upcoming card game.

The main reason I am telling you (aside from being the great guy I am) is that anyone I invite not only gets me a small amount of EXP for joining, but I get EXP every time you level up. You lose nothing from joining under me, I only gain. So, take a look, see if you are interested, and if you aren’t then that is just fine. Tell me all the nasty things you think about me and my enjoyments, I’ll find it amusing.


^-- There is my link. You could always just go to www.kongregate.com if for some reason you don’t want to help out poor ol’ Zabin. Well, thank you for reading this overly long post. :smiley:

  1. lol hi
  2. im in college
  3. boohoo zabin
  4. yay zabin
  5. flash games
  6. stupid link, give me ur exp!
  7. post now lol bye c u l8r

hay whats up I have one of thous to your a level higher then me
and i did not read the hole post so ya

I didn’t really expect anyone to.

I did, though I’m usually way slow to reply :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back, though! Hmm, I used to be alot more active as an arcade admin on one other forum, but it kinda died down or something… ah wells.

So, any idea who shot the whatpulse forums?

I blame X-Kal points

So quiet, though PinkFloyd seems to spam a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the person above me and that other person thread are very quiet :frowning:

But welcome back :smiley:

I blame PinkFloyd points

I think I am gaining lots of experience from idling in the forums! :open_mouth:

Crud, I just posted. Now I won’t gain another level for 6 more hours!

Hehe, then I don’t wanna know what lvl PinkFloyd is :-o

It’s cause i’m not around as much.

Blame my son, everyone does!!