Heat Map in v2.4 Changes When Window is Resized

The subject pretty well says it all. Any time I resize my Whatpulse window, the heatmap changes. Maximized there are significantly less heat spots and they’re a lot cooler, or other heat spots will just outright disappear. Anyone else have this and/or know what causes it?

It’s not a HUGE issue but I feel like by maximizing my Whatpulse window, I’ve just nullified any accuracy of my heat map and should just reset the whole damn thing.

On what OS are you seeing this? And which heat map are you talking about? I’ve just checked on different Windows, Linux and Mac computers and none exhibit any data change when resizing the window.

Besides that, I can’t really see how it would be possible for the heat maps to change when resizing, as the maps will scale when resizing the window with the same data.

What I can figure, is that on a smaller scale, the heatmap mouse clicks in the same area are closer together. When you stretch it out, the clicks will be stretched out as well. Same thing happens when you resize a normal image. Is that what you mean?