Hello everyone. I guess I’ll start out with letting you know where I’m from and where I’m at. I grew up in Ohio but am currently teaching in China! I stumbled upon the whatpulse site back in 2005 or so when I was in high school. I think it’s really cool and can help put into perspective how much I type! Back when I played WoW (rogue) I think I pressed my 3 key the most and it could probably account for at least hundreds of thousands of strokes. But now I don’t play that game, instead I play some SCII casually and am waiting patiently for Diablo 3 to come out!

Edit: I found my old username after about an hour of searching.

I do have a question comment: Sometimes, because I live in China, I use a VPN to access certain sites. Will this in some way flag me as a cheater? Because so far it wont even allow me to go to any pages on It gives me this error: “ [ERROR]: Session IP Security failed. Logged attempt from <>.”


the error you are referring to might have indeed to do with your VPN. With this site, Sessions are locked to IP addresses and this error would not surprise me if your VPN endpoint has more than one IP address and uses a different one for each request (this is relatively often the case when using AOL).
On the other hand, it might be possible, that some of your requests go through the VPN and some don’t - so you have two IP addresses there.
Try forcing your VPN-Client to either use the VPN always or never for * and the problem should disappear.

Thanks for the tip. I usually just turn it on when I want to visit certain sites since it slows down my connection speed so much. I’ll just have to remember to visit whatpulse when I’m not on my vpn. No worries.

Hey there amiar,

Welcome aboard! And Happy Happy Pulsing !@# :smiley: