Well just great, that’s the THIRD time Whatpulse sort of crashed after an update and lost over a million keys, and probably just like last two times I posted this, my post will be deleted within 10 min of posting it :slight_smile:

Great way to keep the community informed something’s wrong with the program :slight_smile:

Well I’ll just reinstall it again because the keys are lost anyway

Look. If you can’t learn to not send massive pulses, then it’s not really our problem. Programs crash, it happens. No program is perfect.

X-Kal deleted your previous post and he isn’t around anymore. Regardless, stop throwing wild accusations around and learn your lesson (or don’t learn, and stop complaining).

I really don’t know what you’re talking about in regards to updates because there hasn’t been an update to WP Windows in months, except the beta.

Thread closed due to failure in original post. Learn to set your autopulse to 25k keys or something of the sort. One million key pulses are not cool. And, if you read the thread, you would realize, it is known that there are issues with 1.7.

Have a nice day,