Got a Mechanical Keyboard coming

Got a new keyboard coming from Amazon. My new job requires me to be typing for at least 7-8 hours everday, so a decent keyboard is something I really need. My cheap everyday use keyboard does the job, but something that increases speed just that little bit, and helps prevent errors could make a huge difference in the long run considering how much I will now need to be typing.

So after lots of research, I opted for the Filco Majestouch-2 Tenkeyless Tactile Action UK Keyboard.

I never use my numpad, so the saved space will be great, and the brown mechanical keys will allow for easier typing at 50% of the touch. It might not sound like much for individual pieces of typing, but imagine how much I can increase my workload by after an entire year of using this keyboard.

I hear its quite loud, but we will wait and see if it really is unbearable, and if it does end up being a disaster I will simply have to return it.

I prefer the look of this to those natural/ergo keyboards with the curved approach and ones with the Dvorak keyboard layout. They may be better after practice but my own computer is not the only one I use, so I don’t want to screw myself over when I use computers at offices, uni etc. I’d rather stick to the flat qwerty layout that I am used to and keep good posture to decrease the chances of injury over long periods of time.

What keyboard do you have, and why is it perfect for you?

Filco make some of the best mechanical keyboards available and I’m sure you will enoy it. Browns are a tad quieter than blues so hopefully you will be ok in that department. If not, some o-ring dampeners may be something you want to look into.

As for my personal experiences, I have 2 mechanical keyboards - a WASD v1 with cherry blues, o-rings, and custom keycaps, and a Ducky Edition with cherry reds. I feel that the tactile switches (blue, brown) are definitely more suited to typing and will make the marathon sessions a good bit easier. I usually only bust out the reds for gaming since its a bit easier to double tab and spam hotkeys. A couple of my friends that tried both boards actually ended up falling in love with the reds for both typing and gaming. In that way, it really is personal preference when it comes to switch types. For your application, browns seem ideal and I hope you love your board.

Been using it for a few days now, and already I feel my speed on typing has increased. It is a bit loud, but at at the end of the day it’s good to have this extra bit of speed considering how much I now have to type each day. I feel I made a good choice buying it and I will use for a few more weeks to confirm that I have made the right decision. If not, I can always still return to Amazon as long as its under a month.


For my desktop, I use a Seidio Eclipse original gaming keyboard. It’s worked great for me, although it’s getting about time for me to replace it. I’ve just not found one that I truly like enough to replace it with.


I’ve always used a membrane keyboard mainly because I haven’t understood the reasoning behind why mechanical keyboards are supposedly faster to type with. I understand the mechanics behind it, but I don’t see how all of that equates to faster typing. If it’s ease of typing, I find that the mac keyboard and the Lenovo ThinkPad laptop keyboards always have the nicest feel.