Hullo, hullo,

I am either Sevis or Anton, and am actually not a WhatPulse user just yet, having neither a tray, nor Qt (using Linux). On the other hand, I do have an interest in programming and mild knowledge of C++, which might be a suitable replacement.

I have so far been unable to tell if this project is open-source or not - there’s none available for download, but I think I saw a non-dev contribute a binary. If the code is available, I am willing to code a GUI-less (although still using X) version.

So, as I was saying, pleased to meet you all,

Well, jmrk is the one to talk to concerning this, as the Linux client is his baby. He may be willing to have your help around. He should be on the forums sometime today or tomorrow, depending on his schedule. If not, you are more than welcome to email him at jmrk at whatpulse dot org and sign on as an assistant developer with him, if he is interested. As for us being open source, that will never happen because it will lead to cheating on our statistics.


Ah, wonderful, thank you. Yes, I can see how cheating would be a problem, wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious.

Yeah, well, we’d all love to make WhatPulse open source, but unfortunately there’d be no way to prevent cheating in that case, so it’s really not an option.

As for a GUI-less client: the next version will feature the possibility to switch off the tray icon. You’ll still need Qt, but it shouldn’t be difficult to install that :wink:

Hah, the one time I try to contribute, my problem is already (almost) fixed… xD

Thank you for your work, and looking forward to the next version.