Geek window

Geek window.

I think it is missing one important option: “today clicks/keys”
and less important “this week(month?) clicks/keys”

I would suggest just setting auto pulse to hour 0 on every day - then the geek window does display your clicks and keys per day! If you shut down your computer overnight, just pulse before you do so.

If you really want a more customizable solution, there are a lot of rainmeter skins that have whatpulse widgets. Here’s one pretty popular one:

I don’t think those widgets would have ‘today’ or ‘this month’ - as that would mean they access the database for information…as I -do- want developers to start doing that, I haven’t put it out there in a properly documented way yet, and I haven’t heard of anyone doing it.

@hatchet: Please note that this is the first revision of a customisable geek window…missing is a big word. :wink: