Geek Window Transparency

First post – WOO!

I just started using WhatPulse this week. I’ve been using the client in portable mode. I just figured out you could customize the geek window (WIN!) since I don’t track uptime or bandwidth it’s nice to clean up the window.

However, I’ve noticed that once I start customizing the displayed items, the transparency no longer works, at all. Period. Even if I reset to defaults it still doesn’t work. However, if I restart WhatPulse it seems to start working again.

Not sure if it’s a bug, known issue or otherwise but figured I’d report it.

Windows 7 Ult x64
WP V: 2.4 in portable mode


Welcome to the forums! Thank you for submitting this, I was unaware of this one and have just fixed it for the next version.

Thanks! Glad to know it wasn’t only me and that you’ve been able to fix it. :slight_smile: