Geek Window Never Opens

This is v1.7, on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

I’ve tried running as an administrator, I’ve tried changing settings, I’ve tried making it run at startup, I’ve tried reinstalling, but WP stubbornly refuses to show any Geek Window.

Maybe I’m missing something…?

Thanks in advance

If you know your way through the registry, find the WhatPulse folder and in there make sure GeekLastX and GeekLastY are not some outrageous number.

It was X=2973, Y=316. Now it’s X=316, Y=316. Still can’t see it anywhere.

Note that since I have 2 monitors, (2973,316) should still be onscreen.

And you made sure whatpulse was closed before you reset it?

You could try closing whatpulse, logging out, deleting all the files on disk, deleting the entire registry entry for whatpulse and logging in again if all else fails.

And if that fails then I have no idea sorry!

Suddenly, I have a feeling I just encountered this same problem, too… or rather, something very similar. Only I still have an earlier version still kicking around – something early enough that it still works pretty reliably on USB. I’m betting my geek window sits somewhere south of the Windows taskbar. On library computers, I’ll drag it to the bottom right corner, but that window won’t appear on my laptop since the screen resolution is quite different.

Among other things, I’d try temporarily bumping up the screen resolution to the max and see if it shows up then.

[quote=Mr. Pedantic]Still can’t see it anywhere.[/quote][quote=sellyme]EDIT: I was right. I changed my screen res to a higher amounts, and I saw it in a corner. Looks like changing the resolution doesn’t put the Geek Window back to it’s normal position, and keeps it off of the monitor, completely inaccessible.[/quote]:slight_smile:

That fixed it for me, too
\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WhatPulse\Geek Window Skin\GeekLastX
\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WhatPulse\Geek Window Skin\GeekLastY
Set to some low number, and it will reposition to the top left of the screen.

I had a screenshot to add, but I can’t add the image till I have 15 posts… lame

Bump. As I said before, resetting the GeekLastX and GeekLastY values did not fix the problem. I had to log off, uninstall, delete all the registry keys, then start again. That fixed it.

Well the position of the window is only related to registry entries to it would have to have been something in there, although I can’t say what.

If you can further pin-down the cause of the problem I might be able to release a fix for it…

I’m just thinking… was the transparency set to something silly in the registry and therefore the window was just hidden because it was invisible?