Geek Window Gone!?

Hi, i recently plugged my laptop into a projector and the screen resolution the projector used was higher than the max resolution my laptop screen can go to. So Usually my geek window is in the bottom right corner, it appeared semi middle of the projector screen because of the higher resolution. So i moved it back down to the corner.

Now back to using my laptop screen i think the geek window is actuve but out of the bounds of my laptops screen, and i can’t connect back up to that projector for another 3 weeks, (it’s my mates and now it’s holiday time, so yeah).

Any tips on how i can get my geek window back? I’ve tried turning it on and off again, considered uninstalling and reinstalling but not sure if i would lose all my data so far.

I’m using whatpulse version 1.7.1, username is achlaksuoy, using windows 7 (x64 i believe). I am logged in as an administrator.



Create a new file called *.reg, and add that to it (or open regedit, and do it in that):

[CODE]Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WhatPulse\Geek Window Skin]

Save it, close WhatPulse client, open and write *.reg, open WhatPulse client. The geek window should appear at the top left corner after that. :slight_smile:

Thanks Triela! Got it all sorted now, so glad my geek window is back!

Took me a few minutes to work out how to use the regedit thing but got there in the end. Never knew that program existed makes me wonder how many other windows programs exist that i’ve never seen before.