Further Statistics

Hey guys,

what do you think about adding some further statistics to the WhatPulse client.
CPU used in GHzh
or Data read/written from/to HDD

How difficult would be a implemantation like this? I think this would be a nice upgrade to the client.

I was just thinking that it’d be nice to have data R/W counts. I’d love to see this in the client. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how practical measuring CPU activity would be, though.

Is there anybody of the whatpulse team reading these posts?

There is and you even got a reply, making this the second. :wink:

I’ve been playing around with adding extra metrics like that, but there isn’t much added value the WhatPulse client could add to an Activity Monitor in OSX or the Task Manager in Windows. The added value of WhatPulse is that you can gather your own activity on all your computers. I don’t really see how knowing how many disk writes or reads will add anything, besides a nice thing to have in the geek window.

I like the idea to compare these statistics with other users. That’s why im using Whatpulse.
As you say, it would be a nice thing to have in the geek window and in the rankings.

Ive seen CPU activity measured in “CPU time” quite effectively. basically it measures the amount of time it would take your CPU to do the tasks working on full load.

Ok, then let me tell you of a couple of uses for that.

I would totally love to be able to tell how much transfer of data my hard drives have done today, yesterday, and how they compare to eachother. especially on different machine setups. this is an important metric for hard drive functionality that regular Task Manager or Resource Monitor does not provide. It is also possible to see what files are being accessed so the program could count number of times files have been accessed, which would also be interesting statistic, especially for people using both SSD and HDD storage.

As far as CPU time counter goes, this is more “interesting to know” rather than “useful for computer measuring” statistic, however being a stats geek i would love to see the load measurements on my CPUs.

Also let me suggest another thing that could be added - more keyboard keys. while the keystrokes are counted when i press any key on my keyboard, the heatmap is severely lacking keys i use often - specifically the printscreen/pausebutton keys and numpad keys. seeing a heatmap of my numpad usage would be very interesting.