Forgot to pulse before I installed win10

I had over 2,3 million keystrokes and about 70k clicks and forgot to pulse them before installing windows 10 sadly.
I don’t remember and care that much about download/upload, but I really like whatpulse for counting all the keystrokes/clicks I have.

But I guess there is nothing probably I could do about that, or is it?
I still have my Windows.old folder.
Picture of my new whatpulse client today.
Before I used the 2.5 Version.
Anyway if nothing can be done, I will continute using this great Client as before :slight_smile: Just thought it wouldn’t hurt to try asking!

Best regards Samuel (z2sam).

Hi Samuel,

Did you just upgrade to Windows 10 or reinstall? If you upgraded the client shouldn’t be reset because the database is in the user directory:

If you reinstalled and do not have a backup of those files, there’s nothing you can do. Pulse more frequently. :frowning:

Thanks for answering, I did not have a backup :\
Jaja, everything is okay :slight_smile:
I will still love whatpulse ;D