[FIXED] Weekly emails not being sent?

Similar issue to http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=6412 — it seems “Your week on WhatPulse” emails haven’t been sent for two weeks now. The last one I have is from Oct 2; there should have been emails sent on Oct 9 and Oct 16.

Double-checked my notification settings and the checkbox for weekly updates is still checked.

Hello all, I noticed this last week and thought it was a glitch, but no WAR report this week either. We really like these reports!! I hope it wasn’t decommissioned. Thanks!

Same here. Just recently reported a small bug related to the graphics being broken in the mails sometimes. Hope that is not related =(

No mails this week either. Any news?

The email system seems a bit overloaded and randomly dropping some of the weekly emails. Looking into it.

Thanks for checking into it, I miss these reports as well!

The reports are back. But they have slight formatting problems if you are following more than one person. They are cascading sideways in the friends section.
The counts are also not actually from the last week - but I just assume those are including the missing weekly mails as well and might fix themselfs with the next mails.

Starting today, it’ll be properly formatted.

Looks like the reports haven’t gone out for 2 weeks in case it went un-noticed. Thanks!

Strange, they’ve been sending just fine to me. Check the Spam folder to make sure they’re not there, it keeps getting marked as spam periodically even though I always mark it as Not Spam.

They do seem to be working just fine. Probably check your spam filter, as Robby250 said. IIRC this issue was completely resolved as of a few months ago.

Thanks for the suggestion. Nothing in my spam folder, not sure what’s going on…

The Microsoft email servers had an issue with receiving email from WhatPulse. Has been sorted by Microsoft this week.

Also, please create a new thread if the thread similar to your issue has been idle for months, thanks.

Thank you!