[FIXED] SSL Handshake Error

Both of my Windows 10 machines with 2.7.1 have been getting this handshake error for over 2 days and are unable to send any pulses. My other Windows 10 machine using 2.5 is not getting this error and is sending pulses. Any ideas?



Hi JetSet,

Could you check whether it’s been resolved in the mean time? Wondering if a SSL certificate update caused it, although the gross amount of pulses didn’t seem affected.

Yes, one of my machines has now pulsed, I’ll try the other machine in the morning as its in my daughters bedroom and I don’t want to wake her.



I’m getting this error too and I’ve got 14k keys and 2.5k unpulsed now. I won’t lose them, right?

I’m also having the same issue at the moment.

Happens to me aswell, both of my computers. For 4hrs now.

Both of my Windows 10 machines have reverted to the handshake error. It looks to have happened just over 4 hours ago.


Same problem here. WhatPulse on OS X 10.11.6

And now works again :slight_smile:

Works again!