[FIXED] Program not working suddenly

Twice this has happened now. I have tried to re-install and it is not even passing through the installation process.

WhatPulse hasn’t been running for a few days on my system, rebooted a few times since then. The pulses just stop and the program does not appear to be running in either the taskbar or the task manager.

I try and run the whatpulse.exe file, and nothing seems to happen, and no task appears in task manager.

Im running the latest version available from the downloads section of the website, and I am on Windows 8.1

Not having any issues with any other program, just Whatpulse, which is annoying as it’s the one I leave running in the background to gather stats and can not even notice when it stops working.

Has anyone else reported this issue?

Ensure whatpulse-watchdog.exe and whatpulse.exe are both dead and then try to load the program.

Yeh I did do that, I had some other issues and I am sorting out the system now, so should be back to pulsing soon hopefully.

Yeah, the client can be quite sensitive to system issues as it looks at a lot of the system. Let us know if you get it sorted - also, always look at the app.log for clues.