[FIXED] Haven't received 'Your week on WhatPulse' email

Hey Whatpulse community. This is a small problem:

I’ve been receiving these ‘Your week on WhatPulse’ emails weekly, on a Friday, mainly between 9AM and 10AM GMT, for about a year. It was nice to be getting them. However, yesterday I hadn’t received one. I’ve checked my Spam and there doesn’t seem to be anything there.
Also, are you guys having server troubles or being attacked or something (the site’s incredibly slow for me today, while other things are loading fine)?


Maybe some problems related to this thread: http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=5707&pid=37727
also about weekly mails. Would have loved to have them fixed as well but none received.

Seems like the fix will be applied Friday.

I’m afraid not - the quote from smitmartijn is from the 03-22-2015 so over a month ago.