[FIXED] Can't open a specific panel with the "i" button

1)I’m running what pulse version 2.7
2) Windows 10 64x
3) Yes, I do you have WinPcap properly installed
4)Yes I’m on an administrator account on Windows so that WhatPulse can access Windows correctly (I also run it as administrator)

No error message I just can’t open a specific panel by using this “i” button no matter how many time I try to click it or restart the program and no reinstalling the program doesn’t help either.


I’m sorry I don’t know what it’s called so I can’t search for it in the forum.

What panel are you trying to open? The “I button” in the screenshot is an icon that represents “information” - as the fact is random information about your usage.

I used to be able to click there to open a windows that display all of those random information but I can’t open it now.
Thanks for replying.

I can confirm this too. On 2.6.x you could open window with all information about our usage but in 2.7 not anymore. Tested on 2 PC, one with windows 8.1 and other with windows 7.

Ohh, duh! You’re talking about the window with all the facts. Sorry, didn’t make the connection. :wink:

You’re right, it doesn’t pop up in 2.7…I’ll have a look to fix it in the next version.