First keystroke ignored in browsers

I have a very particular problem that I’ve tracked down to Whatpulse.

Whenever I open a browser window (be it Firefox, Chrome, IE) or switch to an open browser window, the first keystroke inside that window will not be recorded. When I want to type google it turns to oogle and if I start off with a capital letter it turns Google to google because it misses the shift press.

Other programs in Windows don’t seem to be affected, neither are games. So far only browsers seem to be the problem. I do know with 99% certainty that Whatpulse is to blame because when I turn it off the problem goes away. I’ve searched for people who have similar problems but strangely enough I seem to be the only one this is happening to :dodgy:.

I hope there’s some known cure for this. Thank you!

There isn’t a cure for this, as it’s pretty much impossible for the client to be the cause…The client hooks into Windows with a global hook; all input events are sent through (within the same privilege level), so every key you type into the browser gets handled the same way. If there would be a problem, you’d have a problem with every key you type, not just the first…

Weird, I tried turning WP off again and suddenly the problem didn’t go away. Very strange but it appear you are correct.

I did some more checking and might have tracked the problem to the identity protect feature of my Webroot Internet Security. I have it turned off now and the problem seems to have disappeared. I hope it keeps up.

On my PC WhatPulse wasn’t tracking anything I was doing in Firefox at all … until I turned off Webroot’s Identity Shield, and now it’s working properly, and tracking what I type in Firefox.

Might want to warn others with this, if they are running Webroot…