File Problem

I keep getting this error message.

Hi Snhr,

Did you upgrade WhatPulse? The WhatPulse.wpw file is not portable between major versions. Please remove c:\program files\whatpulse\whatpulse.wpw and try again.

I don’t have that file. I just downloaded it on this new computer I got. Never upgraded. I tried uninstalling the program, then reinstalling. Then I even downloaded a new installer and that still didn’t work.

So, you’re using 1.6, then?

The file is located in %APPDATA%\WhatPulse. Delete both of them and try running WhatPulse again.

Where would that be located?

If you’re on XP, it would be here:

C:\Documents and Settings\X-Kal\Application Data\WhatPulse

On Vista, I don’t know - perhaps it’s still that same location.

Just Start > Run (or Windows Key + R) and type %APPDATA%\WhatPulse\ - In any Windows version.

Thanks. I got it to work.