FAO: Wasted

Alrite mate,

I sent you a PM a while ago, well first a sent an email reply to the announcement made a year ago on the front page, but it bounced. So then a thought a would send you a PM. Done it through my pulse profile page. A don’t know if that’s linked to the forum.

They seem to be two separate things, a guessed that as I had to register again for the forum after registering for my pulse profile, merging the authentication for the forum and the site would be a good shout!

No idea what ‘FAO’ means, but my nick is in the topic, so I guess this message is for me!

I currently have the same status as you mentioned in your PM (you’ll see why in a few days), so I’ll get back to you.

FAO = For Attention Of.

I used to be the same as yourself, had no idea what it meant. But its became a habbit because of replying to emails or trying to get a message to specific people in other companies when the company only has one point of contact :-/

Anyway thats cool, not a problem :slight_smile: