Extra Key Clicks and Mileage While Using Remote Desktop

I don’t think this is something I’m doing wrong, but I’m seeing invalid pulse statistics when I use Remote Desktop to get to my laptop, which is running the WhatPulse program. My user profile (whatpulse.org/stats/users/288996/) shows what I normally get for my mileage (0.6-0.8 miles), but it increases greatly when I actively use Remote Desktop, but even if only for an hour (there is no way I typed 98k keys yesterday). Is there someone else who might be seeing this same thing? I’m running version on Windows 7 64-bit

WhatPulse has never worked properly with RD so it’s nothing you’re doing wrong!

I love the way that when I use my tablet I can get kilometers of mouse distance in just minutes, but it wont count button presses or taps as mouse clicks… whatpulse works in strange ways