Good Day Pulser’s!

Is it possible to export all of my pulse’s from the website to a flat file, or csv? I’d like to do some historical trend analysis and different report grouping then what’s available on the website. Why you may ask? Just for fun. :slight_smile:


Not yet, sorry!

No problem! Based on your comment “Not yet”, does that mean it might be a future enhancement? If so I’ll wait pateintly. If not, I’ll go pout! :slight_smile:

You’ll be waiting for a while knowing this dev team :wink:

EDIT: Let’s just say that they like to make sure of quality.

It might be a possibility. But I’m not speaking as a dev here or anything. What seems to be of more interest is figuring out interesting stats to keep track of, e.g. system uptime, download and upload stats, etc. So this kind of information might one day come up.

Yep, otherwise it would have been ‘No!’ :slight_smile:

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. I’m hoping you can stop looking at past releases and focus on the future.