Errormessage: "No Serverconnection"

Since today I can’t pulse at my homecomputer, I get the errormessage “Could not connect to server” (I got this message in german). I didnt change anything at my configuration, no firewall changes, etc.

Hmm, before you answer, maybe it is a problem of my computer. I’ll try to fix it.

I’ll give you a day to try to find it out, and then we’ll go from there. I do know the other night, the server was out for about 3 hours though.


I think it was some malware on my pc which stopped whatpulse from pulsing. I found it out bc I couldnt connect to steam aswell, then I started IE and I couldnt surf with it (surfing with Firefox worked). I fixed the malware issue and now whatpulse is pulsing again, so: false alarm :slight_smile:

Closed due to being resolved. :slight_smile: