Hi there, i’ve been using Whatpulse quit a long time.
But now when i restart my PC (Or just put it on) i get an error.

it say something with .wmv.

I tried to redownload Whatpulse, but nothing seems to help.

I’m now receiving this exact message; it’s claiming that a different version created the file from the current version. I’d just as happily Pulse them now and delete the file like it wants me to, but I don’t want to throw away roughly ten million keys and five million clicks.

The trouble is - and I’ve encountered this problem, too - is when it says that the .wpw files was generated by a different version, that seems to mean that the file is somehow corrupt, or otherwise the stats are gone. When I see that, I really do just go ahead and delete the .wpw file. I think I delete the .wpw.bak file, as well. Then, I’ll restart what WhatPulse and everything works fine from there.

When you’re trying to reinstall WhatPulse because something’s wrong with the installation you’ve got, it’s really important that you delete the old files altogether, and THEN reinstall it. It’s possible that things left over from your previous installation might continue to plague your new one.

I’m getting this same exact error. I’ve deleted both the .wpw file and the .wpw.whatever file and neither worked. I re-installed whatpulse and it worked fine, until I booted up my computer again. I know it’s not a problem with the .wpw file itself, since it’s happened so many times and I’ve deleted every time the error message comes up. Even now, I have neither of the .wpw files in my WhatPulse folder and the error message still comes up.

I know there are problems with this related to Windows Vista. Somehow, I don’t remember having troubles with it if I installed WhatPulse to a different directory. For example, I installed mine to “C:\Whatpulse” and not “C:\Program Files\Whatpulse”

Although I could have been lucky, and others might still get errors using this method… but it worked for me.

Thanks X-Cal. I’m pretty sure that fixed it for me :slight_smile:

Awesome! Post back if the error messages start popping up.