Error: Wrong token, did you use this profile on another computer?

I upgraded to version 2.0 and everything was fine at first but now when I try to pulse I receive the following error message:

I haven’t used another computer with whatpulse on since upgrading to 2.0.

I will reset token now and lose those submissions, hope it doesn’t happen again.

I had this, but within 1 minute it did pulse again. Hope you didn’t reset token yet and try to pulse again.

Sadly, I’m seeing this too, together with random crashing on startup and not just on one machine either. In fact the whole thing is just too full of bugs to be taken seriously. I wish I hadn’t “upgraded” now.


I get this from time to time, usually after S3 sleep. Lost 40GB download.

Also on clean installs of OSes, WP seems to crash on bootup. Run it again and it works flawlessly, meaning WP isn’t getting access to something initially and then it can.

Exactly the same problem here. I’d had this problem for months on the old client. With the 2.0 client, I thought that it would be gone…

It’s utterly annoying, so please fix it. I’ve lost at least 600-800k+ keys in total because of this token crap, but I’m sure there are people out there who have lost even more stats because of this.


I also just noticed that my client and the website show different stats after the token reset - my client shows 16.44 GB downloaded, but the website shows 13.12 GB. It’s the same story with uploading.

I reckon this is another bug that was triggered by this token one.

Error: Wrong token, did you use this profile on another computer?

i have the same problem cant pulse for like 4 Hours that i know of

I tried over the course of a few hours to pulse before resetting token, no luck.

Just got the error again but with much less loss as I’ve set it to auto pulse frequently now.

I have the same, just to be sure almost everything gets pulsed, but apparently that doesn’t work like it should anymore:

Can we get an answer to this? I haven’t been able to pulse in a few days and I’ve already lost 20K clicks and 10K keys before. I’d rather not lose even more.

Currently I’m at 46,363 Keys and 54,710 Clicks. I’d rather not lose these numbers. Can someone tell us how to fix it… >>;;

[quote=“Lexxasaurus, post:9, topic:10683”]
Can we get an answer to this? I haven’t been able to pulse in a few days[/quote]

Reset your token via the Account tab.

I also have had (or still have) this problem. In my case I play an online game and WP won’t count my keys anymore, do you play a “heavy” game?

Is it a coincidence I also get the wrong token error?

Whatpulse most of the time doesn’t handle itself gracefully after going to sleep or hibernate. This could be due to writing issues, or WinPcap messing around. :confused:

Same here, as I always put my PC to sleep I’m having issues with not recording keystrokes or trouble pulsing.

I’m sorry guys - the news is that for the crashing after hibernation or sleep is to just disable your network counting for the time being. It’s a glitch with how we reconnect to count your network adapters and will be fixed in the next version.

As for the wrong tokens, are you running the program in administrator mode? And are you sure that you’re not running the profile on multiple computers?