Error: "Network access is disabled."

I started receiving this error a day or two ago. I haven’t changed anything in my system and haven’t touched WhatPulse either.
I have restarted my PC a few times after that, also tried to switch my PC to use WLAN instead of ethernet, but to no effect.
What should I do?


It’s a known issue that’ll be fixed in 3.1. This message comes when there’s been a change in the networking stack. So far, everyone has been using a VPN on their computer. Work around is to not enable the VPN when pulsing.

Yep, that would be it!
I had to also restart whatpulse for it to work.

I have the same issue, however I am not running any VPN software on the computer. The rest of my computers have upgraded to WhatPulse 3 just fine.

This should now be fixed with 3.1. Use the updater to get it, or download from here:

Yes, it works now. Thank you