Error Message if i am offline


if i start my pc, when the internet is offline, i get over 9000 (:-)) messages that whatpulse cant resolve the hostname.

and i hate it, to click on the ok button at ~30 error message.
can u plz fix it?


i use wp 1.7

Need more information than just WP1.7. We need to know your operating system and things of that nature.


I’ve got that… for a year! Win 7 x64 on my notebook. It happens when I have no connection to the internet, which is very often because the notebook is used mostly in places where I have no network or I’m not yet connected.
I want an option “Don’t show connection problems errors” because I really do not need an information about that because I KNOW I don’t have a network.
And yes, there is a dozen of such messages at once when I log in to the system.

Can you please post this error in the bug-tracker? ( Thanks!

The URL is actually, Lol.

You’re right, I suck. :frowning:

There is a ticket for that as I can see there:
Its number is #210 (I can’t post links)
You should change its severity because it is REALLY annoying. :stuck_out_tongue: