End session?

I sold my old laptop a few weeks ago and it seems I forgot to log out of my WP account beforehand, every now and then I’m getting pulses from it because I had it set up to autopulse sometimes. Is there a way to end the session remotely?

There is no way to end the session, but you could change your password, which has the same effect.

Next time; remove all your data before selling a computer, you never know what else they got now… :wink:

Pretty sure deleting that Computer is a somewhat appropriate way of ending the session, considering that he doesn’t have it anymore. Unless he wants to keep the stats from it, then he can just change the name.

Still, changing the password is the best way to go.

Thanks guys, sorted now then :slight_smile:

The laptop I sold was never used other than installing some software so it didn’t have any data on it luckily. My bad :wink: