Empty computer name during setup & processing names

Whatpulse 1.71; name: andy517; W7 64bit; Admin: Yes

Hello, I have been trying to install Whatpulse on a new computer (haven’t used the service for 1-2 years).

In Whatpulse setup assistant I fill my credentials, but the computer name box shows nothing and when I click login there is “Unknown server message” “Processing computer names…” and nothing is happening.

I guess it has to do something with my internet connection, I am behind a router, but no proxy and no firewall…

Any help is appreciated.

How is the router set up? Is it your home router? Work router? Etc.


It is my home router, no specific settings. There is a DHCP service, firewall is turned off, some ports are mapped (400,993,28960,50000,1513,20800,20810), DMZ host enabled to my IP, UPnP enabled…


First, add a computer name here: http://whatpulse.org/my/computers/

Then try again. You currently have no computers added to the website, which is why the setup gets stuck. (will be changed in the future)

It did the trick, thank you very much. :grin: