Donate mark

If you are a premium member, you’ve got a mark at the end of your name. So people can see you’re a premium member. Can you also do this when you donated?
Than people gonna donate just for the status =P
But still Whatpulse can use this money to improve :sunglasses:

I always thought donators DID get the star next to their name, but I presume that there’s so little of them it really isn’t noticeable. Of course donors should get some symbol, they’re contributing more than the premium members are, technically.

If you are a normal member, other members just see your nickname.
If you are a Premium member (like me atm), then you see a star. But it would be more awesome if Donators get another symbol. So people can see that they’re supporting Whatpulse to the max!

And some people really care about a shiny symbol next to there name, so they will donate as well:)

I’ll pass this to wasted.


[quote=Century0]I’ll pass this to wasted.


Awesome! Thx =D

Anyway knows if there is progress?