Doesn't add new apps to the app list

I’m having an issue with Whatpulse 2.4, which I had also reported in the thread for 2.4b1, where new apps which haven’t been used before aren’t being added to the online app list, only in the client.
For old apps which have already been pulsed by a previous version, it does pulse the new keys.

I’ll post the links to the pulses which don’t contain the apps again, like in the 2.4b1 thread. - Beta pulse 1 - Beta pulse 2 - Beta pulse 3 - Beta pulse 4 - A pulse made with the 2.3.1 client where I had entered all the applications I had tried before to see if they would get pulsed, and they did.

Yes I’ve also tested the 2.4 version, not only 2.4b1, and it’s still not working.

Like I told you before in the beta thread, you’re not having enough patience before the apps actually get pushed. 2.4 pushes new applications just fine, on Windows and OS X.

Ok then, I’ll use it for 2 days, and report the results. If that’s not enough time I don’t know what is.

EDIT: Supposedly if I wait enough time for it to pulse new apps, is it going to also pulse the ones which haven’t been pulsed yet, or only the ones from the point where it starts working?

Reporting after 2 days of usage. I tried some new app yesterday, and then pulsed to see if it gets pulsed. It didn’t, as usual (it wasn’t in the list of apps in that pulse).
Today, I checked the pulse again and I couldn’t see it just like yesterday. But the client pulsed as soon as I had turned the computer on, even though it wasn’t the case because it should be pulsing at fixed hours. In that pulse I could see the app usage from yesterday, and now it’s working as if it’s been added to the app-list, so in a normal manner.

So apparently it works, somehow. Sorry for bothering you with this, in the beta I also tried it for around 15 hours and the apps back then didn’t get pulsed at all to this day, so I assumed that it doesn’t work.

But why does this version behave like that, assuming that you didn’t change anything in the way apps are being pulsed?

We did change some stuff, like the timer that new apps are being sent. It went from 15 to 30 minutes.

I’ll write up a post of how the applications actually are being sent for the help center…think I’ll finally have some time for that one, it’s overdue.

Edit: Speaking of which: