Do profiles "expire"?

First, hello Whatpulse, after quite a while I’ve come back, if you remember me. Though, I am sure, I will fade away again shortly.

For my question, I know that from time to time old accounts are cleared from the website, I assume to free up space. I just moved from Georgia to Oregon (or rather, back to Oregon, being I was here first) and would like to have a new profile to show my progress in Oregon vs Georgia. But, I also don’t want to lose that 2.2 million to my name.

In short: Are profiles deleted, like accounts, due to inactivity?

No I don’t think they are, but if a profile is deleted it won’t remove the statistics total.

Alright, thank you.

Yes, they are. After 1,5 year of inactivity though.

points OMG WASTED LIVES :open_mouth:

And thanks for that info, wasted. I’ll add it to some of my up-and-coming KB articles.