different keyboards


Can WhatPulse team put more keyboards in it system. Like my ThinkPad laptop has Fn key, but when i use it whatpulse says it´s unknown.

Why whatpulse can´t generate image offline, why is internet needed?

Support has been added for tablet and touchpads, there probably won’t be any support [soon], outside of that. WhatPulse also needs the Internet to pull user data, and pulse.

my å, ä and ö shows as ’ ` and ]
and my ’ shows as /

Question for those doing the actual clientside programming: for those unknown keys, would there be a way to allow clients to fill in the blanks? AFAIK, it wouldn’t affect anything beyond that single user’s computer, so we should be able to customize the frequency charts out the wazzu if we wanted. But it would give us a chance to identify the odd volume keys, and other multimedia keys that only exist on specific laptop models.