Database Failure

Howdy Folks,

After returning from school for my birthday, and a relaxing 3 day weekend. I came home to this error when I booted up my computer, the same on my server, and laptop.

What I’ve tried:

  1. Deleting all files in that location.
  2. Re-installing.
  3. Rebooting
  4. Force Delete via Linux Distro disc

None of the above worked, all gave me permission errors, or “doesn’t exist”.

I’d post screenies, but I’m working on 3G Speeds here atm :frowning:


Its corrupted.

If you can’t even delete it outside of Windows, it sounds like something really bad happened to your hard drive. Scan it and repair it, there are a bunch of tools that can help you do that.

Seems as if that may be the source of problems. I’ll do a chkdsk in the morning, and see whats up.

Too brain dead to think. Thanks, smitmartijn! I’ll post back results.

Fixed it. Had to run a full chkdsk, and I replaced the drive with a new SSD. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen now :frowning: