Data Download/upload not collecting

Running Whatpulse 2.4.1
OS X 10.10 Beta 64 bit

Downloads/Uploads aren’t counting, I started a download, and the whatpulse app (Image 1) can see the data downloading, but (image 2) the data is not counting under unpulsed. This option was running fine on the last version of Whatpulse and does count just fine on OS X 10.7.5 64 bit with Whatpulse 2.4.1 installed, so it looks like a problem with Yosemite and Whatpulse.

Whatpulse doesn’t count local (LAN) data towards a pulse, although it does measure it.

Therefore, Whatpulse could be classifying the data from the ‘en0 - Ethernet’, as LAN data. Given that the local data is determined through the IP address, the “n/a” IP address for the connection could be the reason.

I’m aware of the LAN not counting towards a pulse. The download I started was from the internet and since the original post all website traffic that should have been counted hasn’t. The en0 connection is the only active connection on my computer, wifi is disabled because I don’t use it. I’ve tried hitting the reset button and that didn’t fix the N/A in the IP-Address column so I’m at a loss.

I have the exact same problem except over en1 (wifi) with OSX 10.9. It was working but then it just… stopped.

Looking at my pulse logs, my last recorded network activity was on December 25, 2013 with version 2.3.1. Unfortunately I had plenty of activity after that point with version 2.3.1 without tracked network activity. Only thing I can figure out from the pulse log is that my macbook rebooted around that time (discrepancy between pulse times and uptime) so it may have been a system update or I changed some settings and rebooted so they will take effect. It seems it rebooted at least twice around that time so messing with settings may have been the cause.

I was able to fix the problem after completely removing whatpulse from my system and then reinstalling.

Removed the whatpulse folder form the data directory ~/Library/Application Support/whatpulse (this is the Library folder located in your User directory. Some times this folder is hidden but you can get to in whatpulse by opening settings and clicking advanced and Open Data Directory.)

Removed the Application from the Application Directory.

Download and install new version 2.4.1

and of course be sure to pulse before you delete anything. Don’t want to loose any counts.