Curious Thought and Error

I have just recently changed the way my computer pulses, i used to have it so that it would pulse every 50,000 clicks. but know i have changed it so that it pulses every hour. But i was wondering sometimes i leave the computer on i can be away from the computer for longer than an hour so will it pulse if there is no clicks etc? gathered. If so i think it should be made that it doesn’t.

Also on my last pulse like usual the green icon appears in the system tray whilst it pulses, but now the green icon won’t go away. Its still there and i can’t right click the tray icon to see how long i have until the next pulse. and i can’t make it pulse by double clicking.(This problem was fixed by killing the process and restarting Whatpulse)

Er, so you do want it to pulse while you’re away from your computer, or you don’t?

The second issue you’ve raised as been dealt to in 1.6.2.

I think it would be better if it only pulsed if it has gathered new keys or clicks since the last pulse, so if you have it pulse every hour it wont try to pulse nothing a ton of times while you’re at work or school or something.

Er, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. I’ve set my laptop to do its thing and I’ll let you know the results.

Edit: It only pulses if it has been active within that hour.

Yes thats what i wanted, for it not to pulse if there had been nothing gathered within the hour, so i don’t get blank pulses. Thanks for checking this :slight_smile:

No problem!