Curious Referral Question

I noticed the Referral program recently, and i think its great a great way to make people join, but what i was curious about was the fact that if people were clicking my banenrs/links, now i know if this information should not be ranked becuase poeple would click there own benners to get up in rank.

But i was wondering if there was a way for me to find you about how many people have clicked my banners/link (the referral one), something thats not ranked, something that will tell me if i my links are working, hence if people are clicking them.

I’m pretty sure that would be easy to track. In terms of stats, I’m not sure what that would really do for anyone, but I can’t see this type of information really harming anything. Just as long as you don’t get free keys and clicks for referrals, I’m fine with it! (Though you’ve gotta sell wasted on the idea)

Well it was just for me to see if people have been clicking my banners, just like a hit counter for the refferal link, not ranked.

Yeh, we need to know who we’re actually referring rather than just numbers.

Referrals doesn’t work!
I know for fact one person who clicked my link and is active user!
Still I have 0 referrals :twisted:

Cookies need to be enabled on the person’s computer for it to work…

I posted a topic about it as well, everyone had cookies set up and I still only have a single referral, that appeared days after I was sure people signed up through my referral link, they have confirmed they did.

Are you sure it works? :expressionless:

Xtr3me seems to have a large number of referals?

Referrals is just a big JOKE :slight_smile: